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Elevate Free Tailwind Business Template screenshot

Elevate - free tailwind business template

Html Bootstrap Components screenshot

Free Bootstrap html UI Components - built to create landing pages and websites. Easyfrontend UI components are free and open-source. show your support and love, don't forget to give us a star 🌟

Focus Budget Manager screenshot

Budget Manager application built with Vue.js, Node.js, Express.js and MongoDB

default image

Express / Connect middleware for websites. Goes well with HTML5 Boilerplate.

Logger screenshot



The WordPress theme for Infinite Script. The Hugo version is available at

Jsplumb screenshot

Visual connectivity for webapps

Static Website screenshot

🖥 New Vue/Nuxt website for - The #1 free and open source CDN built to make life easier for developers.

Sciter Sdk screenshot

Sciter is an embeddable HTML/CSS/scripting engine

Vue Mobile Template screenshot

🎉 An open-source and free H5 mobile template based on vue3.x + CompositionAPI + JavaScript + vite + vant + vue-router-next + pinia, designed to help developers quickly build HTML5 mobile applications.

Cakeadmin screenshot

CakeAdmin is an admin dashboard based on Bootstrap, developed to facilitate web development. It saves time with ready-made components and pages.

Ecommerce Auction Website screenshot

An eBay-like e-commerce auction website built using Django 4, HTML 5, CSS 3, and Bootstrap 5 with a Bootswatch theme.

DjLint screenshot



✨ HTML Template Linter and Formatter. Django - Jinja - Nunjucks - Handlebars - GoLang

Serving Machine Learning Models screenshot

This repository contains instructions, template source code and examples on how to serve/deploy machine learning models using various frameworks and applications such as Docker, Flask, FastAPI, BentoML, Streamlit, MLflow and even code on how to deploy your machine learning model as an android app.

Ace Responsive Menu screenshot

Ace responsive menu is a lightweight jQuery plugin to create responsive multi-level navigation menus with multi device support. Ace responsive menu comes with 3 variants like horizontal, vertical and accordion menu. It gives complete responsive menu solution for any kind of websites or admin temp...

Nukeviet screenshot

NukeViet CMS is multi Content Management System. NukeViet CMS is the 1st open source content management system in Vietnam. NukeViet was awarded the Vietnam Talent 2011, the Ministry of Education and Training Vietnam officially encouraged to use.

default image

A free, open-source Blog CMS based on the "Django" and "Editorial" HTML5 theme.

Landings screenshot

A set of Bootstrap & Tailwind based website templates ready to be used to create stunning websites.

Materializecss_starter screenshot

A Starter Boilerplate for Materializecss, ionicons, font-awesome and Animatecss

Now Ui Dashboard screenshot

Now UI Dashboard - Open Source Admin Template

Cassette screenshot

📼 A flexible media player component library for React that requires no up-front config

default image



Veaser, 对前端初学者友好的Vue2.x组件库/Veaser,a Vue2.x components library for beginners

Fos screenshot



Web Components to turn your web app into a fake operating system

Fundamental screenshot

Fundamental Library - SAP Design System Component Library

Lit screenshot



Lit is a simple library for building fast, lightweight web components.

Rg screenshot



The open source component library for RiotJS

Vue Starter screenshot

:poodle: A boilerplate for SPA Client with HTML5, Vue, and Tailwind on Vite.

default image

A free opensource Admin Template with Flat UI based on Bootstrap 3.2.0 and BOOTFLAT, Plus flying dragons and rainbow unicorns screenshot

BOOTFLAT is an open source Flat UI KIT based on Bootstrap 3.3.0 CSS framework. It provides a faster, easier and less repetitive way for web developers to create elegant web apps.

Jsonform screenshot

Build forms from JSON Schema. Easily template-able. Compatible with Bootstrap 3 out of the box.

DjLint screenshot



✨ HTML Template Linter and Formatter. Django - Jinja - Nunjucks - Handlebars - GoLang

Material Dashboard Lite screenshot

A free dashboard template with material design lite

Mailtolink screenshot

A quick and easy way to generate markup for mailto links without having to worry about the annoying formatting.

Nkd screenshot



Template for jekyll project with postcss and browser-sync

Jekyll_picture_tag screenshot

Easy responsive images for Jekyll.

Meower Svelte screenshot

A Meower client written in Svelte.

Assemble screenshot

Get the rocks out of your socks! Assemble makes you fast at web development! Used by thousands of projects for rapid prototyping, themes, scaffolds, boilerplates, e-books, UI components, API documentation, blogs, building websites/static site generator, an alternative to Jekyll for gh-pages and m...

Freebies screenshot

Source code for Uisual templates. Free HTML/CSS landing page templates for startups. New template every week.

default image

👏🏻👏🏻 It is modified according to the papermod theme. The blogger's personal website:

Sample Website Templates screenshot

160+ Website Templates -

Website Templates screenshot

150+ HTML5 Website Templates

Html5 Boilerplate screenshot

A professional front-end template for building fast, robust, and adaptable web apps or sites.

Landing screenshot

Bootstrap 5 template & UI Kit with over 100+ sections

Blogy Html screenshot

Blogy - Responsive Blog Template with modern blog card and blog details page

React Frontend Dev Portfolio screenshot

Easy to adapt and deploy React portfolio inspired with solutions found at GitHub.

Blogy Html screenshot

Blogy - Responsive Blog Template with modern blog card and blog details page

Website Templates screenshot

170 HTML5 Website Templates - free editable templates

Fir screenshot



Build progressively enhanced reactive html apps

Tailbreeze screenshot

Tailbreeze is a feature-rich, lightweight, and responsive admin template/dashboard built with TailwindCSS.

Laradminator screenshot

Integration of Adminator into Laravel 6.x/7.x/8.x with RTL support

default image

🔖 Useful template literal tags for dealing with strings in ES2015+

Modern Web Boilerplate screenshot

All-in-one Complete Modern Front-end Development Boilerplate for Starters

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A fast, Django inspired template system in Clojure.

Design Studio_one Page Template screenshot

Free responsive flat designed one page template

Marketing Agency_one Page Template screenshot

Free responsive one page marketing agency template

One Page Website screenshot

🔮 One Page Personal Website 🔮

Portfolio_one Page Template screenshot

Free responsive one page portfolio template

Simple Gallery_responsive Template screenshot

Free responsive simple-gallery website template

Katana screenshot



Katana is CSS Layout System made with Flexbox

Ice Cream screenshot

Website ice cream, team project on HTML5 and CSS3🍦

default image

Free React Admin Template

BootstrapAdmin screenshot

Bootstrap 4 admin template.

Instapack screenshot

All-in-one TypeScript and Sass compiler for web applications! :package: :rocket:

default image

Scryber.Core is a dotnet 6 html to pdf engine written entirely in C# for creating beautiful flowing documents from html templates including css styles, object data binding and svg drawing.

Svelte Webcomponent Boilerplate screenshot

🏗 Create your HTML5 Web Component with Svelte. Made your web components with this user-friendly boilerplate

default image

一些 html、bootstrap框架的后台模板集合

Metro UI CSS screenshot

Impressive component library for expressive web development! Build responsive projects on the web with the first front-end component library in Metro Style. And now there are even more opportunities every day!

Magz screenshot



Free Resonsive HTML5 & CSS3 Magazine Template

default image

Learning Bootstrap 5 with SASS

default image

Login - Register Example page | Dark Template

Blogy Html screenshot

Blogy - Responsive Blog Template with modern blog card and blog details page

Social Analytics Dashboard Template screenshot

𝗔𝗻𝗮𝗹𝘆𝘁𝗶𝗰𝘀 𝗗𝗮𝘀𝗵𝗯𝗼𝗮𝗿𝗱 𝗧𝗲𝗺𝗽𝗹𝗮𝘁𝗲 is not only a great kick starter for your project💪 but it also is an 𝗲𝘅𝘁𝗿𝗲𝗺𝗲𝗹𝘆 𝗴𝗼𝗼𝗱😈 place to learn some of the 𝒂𝒅𝒗𝒂𝒏𝒄𝒆𝒅 𝒂𝒔𝒑𝒆𝒄𝒕𝒔 of the Javascript.

default image

Material Design Based One Page HTML Template

React Template Easily screenshot


Ionic Starter Template screenshot

Reinventing the wheel, again! Sorry Ionic Team... but there are many newbies learning on Youtube!

Resumetemplate screenshot

Creative: Personal website/landing page template.

Portfolio screenshot

A fully responsive progressive web app that I'm currently working on which will contain an about section, showcase, contact etc.

Smart Webcomponents screenshot

Web Components & Custom Elements for Professional Web Applications

Modern Html Starter Template screenshot

Modern HTML Starter Template

Tailwind Template screenshot

A static site starter template using Tailwind CSS and Gulp.

default image

This package is used to generate HTML to PDF in Nodejs

default image

alternative for html-webpack-plugin

Design Blocks screenshot

A set of 170+ Bootstrap based design blocks ready to be used to create clean modern websites.

React Froala Design Blocks screenshot

React implementation for Froala Design Blocks.

Vue Froala Design Blocks screenshot

Vue JS implementation for Froala Design Blocks.

Nepadmin screenshot

nepadmin 单页面后台模版,基于 layui 2.4.0

default image

Rendering engine for Express that uses ES6 javascript string templates as syntax.

Resume screenshot



🐳 一个简洁的橙色调个人简介

default image

🔨 Art design theme for write and show.

Theme Bmw screenshot

✋ Smart Voice: Voice for yourself | 微声: 请为自己发声

default image

Free static HTML website templates created using the Slides -

DraggableImageStrip screenshot

A draggable image strip layout with a content preview powered by Draggabilly and TweenMax.

Social Media Dashboard screenshot

A responsive social media dashboard built using HTML 5, CSS 3, and JavaScript.

default image

A powerful yet easy-to-use PHP micro-framework designed to help you build dynamic and robust Web applications - fast!

default image



A production-ready theme for your projects with a minimal style guide

default image

a responsive HTML/CSS/Javascript template, comes with Sketch files and a fully working site with SCSS. It works very well for podcasts landing pages or blogs, and can be easily customized.

default image

A responsive HTML template for coding projects with a clean, user friendly design. Crafted with the latest web technologies, the template is suitable for landing pages and documentations.

Crawler Project screenshot

Google资深工程师深度讲解Go语言 爬虫项目。

Draco screenshot



Draco is a free PSD & HTML resume template

Vtpl screenshot



Vtpl is a php template engine that ensures proper separations of concerns, the frontend logic is separated from presentation. The goal is to keep the html unchanged for better maintainability for both backend and frontend developers

Xtendui screenshot

Xtend UI is a powerful frontend library of Tailwind CSS components enhanced by vanilla js. It helps you build interfaces with advanced interactions and animations.

Xy Ui screenshot

Xy Ui


🎨面向未来的原生 web components UI组件库

JComponent screenshot

UI library for creating reusable UI components and SPA

Gatsby Clean Blog Starter screenshot

:pencil2: Gatsby starter for personal blog

Media Chrome screenshot

Custom elements (web components) for making audio and video player controls that look great in your website or app.

Gomponents screenshot

View components in pure Go, that render to HTML 5.

KickstartDS screenshot

kickstartDS mono-repository, containing all packages but config related ones and the content component module

Admin One Tailwind screenshot

Admin One - Free Tailwind admin dashboard template

Pure CSS3 Animated Border screenshot

Pure CSS3 animated border for all html element.

Hestia screenshot



One Peaceful Frontend+Backend Software Library Suite.

Minwiz screenshot



Minimal starter kit for under 2 KB sites

Coming Soon screenshot

A simple, animated and responsive "coming soon" page template.

Web Template screenshot

web-template.js 是一款基于 ES6 模板字符串解析的模板引擎。

Vue3 Ts Template H5 screenshot

🍰🤡 Vue3.0 + Typescript + Sass + Vant 移动端 ,附属微信朋友圈demo 。访问

SimpleBio screenshot

A starter template for beginners. screenshot

My Portfolio - Personal Website

Solid Design System screenshot

A design system for web development with Bootstrap 4, inspired by material design.

Identity Landing Page screenshot

A free landing page for businesses & agencies, powered by Bootstrap 4.

Play Bootstrap screenshot

Free HTML Template for - Startup, SaaS, Business, App, and Software Website & Landing Page. Play is 100% Free and Open-source template project that initiated by UIdeck Team.

Hotel Management System screenshot

A PHP + MySQL + HTML + CSS + JS based Hotel Management System with a beautiful user interface

404 Templates screenshot

tsParticles Auth Template for Websites

PortfolioTemplate screenshot

Portfolio template for developers. Create your portfolio using this template! Made using HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, and jQuery. Focus is on giving a starter template to developers for their online portfolio.

Volt Bootstrap 5 Dashboard screenshot

Free and open source Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template with vanilla Javascript

Swipe One Page Bootstrap 5 screenshot

👆 Swipe - One Page Bootstrap 5 Template for Mobile Applications

Documentation Html Template screenshot

A Sample Documentation Template for Themes, Templates and Plugins

Horrorshow Rs screenshot

A macro-based html builder for rust

Startbootstrap The Big Picture screenshot

A full screen background image Bootstrap template with a fixed bottom navigation created by Start Bootstrap

Startbootstrap Stylish Portfolio screenshot

A stylish, one page, Bootstrap portfolio theme created by Start Bootstrap

Startbootstrap Small Business screenshot

A Bootstrap HTML template for creating marketing websites for small businesses - created by Start Bootstrap

Startbootstrap Simple Sidebar screenshot

An off canvas sidebar navigation Bootstrap HTML template created by Start Bootstrap

Startbootstrap Shop Item screenshot

A shop item Bootstrap HTML template created by Start Bootstrap

Startbootstrap Shop Homepage screenshot

A shop homepage Bootstrap HTML template created by Start Bootstrap

Startbootstrap Scrolling Nav screenshot

An unstyled Bootstrap HTML template for creating smooth scrolling, one page websites - created by Start Bootstrap

Startbootstrap Sb Admin screenshot

A free, open source, Bootstrap admin theme created by Start Bootstrap

Startbootstrap Resume screenshot

A Bootstrap 4 resume/CV theme created by Start Bootstrap

Startbootstrap One Page Wonder screenshot

A simple, one page, Bootstrap HTML website template created by Start Bootstrap

Startbootstrap New Age screenshot

A web app landing page theme created by Start Bootstrap

Startbootstrap Modern Business screenshot

A multipurpose Bootstrap full website template created by Start Bootstrap

Startbootstrap Landing Page screenshot

A responsive, Bootstrap landing page template created by Start Bootstrap

Startbootstrap Heroic Features screenshot

A Bootstrap HTML homepage template with feature boxes - created by Start Bootstrap

Startbootstrap Grayscale screenshot

A multipurpose one page Bootstrap theme created by Start Bootstrap

Startbootstrap Full Width Pics screenshot

A Bootstrap HTML template with full width image sections - created by Start Bootstrap

Startbootstrap Freelancer screenshot

A flat design, one page, MIT licensed Bootstrap portfolio theme created by Start Bootstrap

Startbootstrap Coming Soon screenshot

A coming soon theme with a video background for Bootstrap 4

Startbootstrap Clean Blog screenshot

A clean Bootstrap blog theme created by Start Bootstrap

Startbootstrap Business Frontpage screenshot

A Bootstrap HTML business homepage template created by Start Bootstrap

Startbootstrap Bare screenshot

A bare Bootstrap HTML starter template for rapid development - created by Start Bootstrap

Simple Html Invoice Template screenshot

A modern, clean, and very simple responsive HTML invoice template

Razor.Templating.Core screenshot

Razor Templating Engine to render Razor Views(.cshtml files) to String in Console, Web, Service, Desktop workloads in .NET Core 3+

Startmin screenshot

An admin dashboard template for Bootstrap 3

Dokuwiki Template Ad Hominem screenshot

A lightweight and very flexible template for Dokuwiki. Supports user-side dark mode, is fully accessible and has a high-quality print mode. More info:

Fast screenshot



Develop, build, deploy, redeploy, and teardown frontend projects fast.

Dopefolio screenshot

Dopefolio 🔥 - Portfolio Template for Developers 🚀

Html Master Guide screenshot

HTML And HTML5 Guide. Project Based Training Guide 💡 #htmlmasterguide

Publ screenshot



Flexible publishing system for the web

Oldskool Html Bootstrap screenshot

OldSkool is a clean and minimal responsive HTML Bootstrap 5 Ecommerce fashion store template

Alpine Html Bootstrap screenshot

Alpine is a responsive Bootstrap 5 Ecommerce template with a "Ken Burns" effect on the homepage slideshow, angled banners, and a custom image hotspot banner with popout product cards.

Easytpl screenshot

⚡️ Simple and fastly template engine for PHP.

DomTemplate screenshot

Bind dynamic data to reusable HTML components.

Eslint Plugin Lodash Template screenshot

ESLint plugin for John Resig-style micro template, Lodash's template, Underscore's template and EJS.

Portfolio Landing Page Html Bootstrap Template screenshot

A beautiful, clean, minimal & responsive personal portfolio landing page HTML template designed using Bootstrap v5.2

Bootstrap 5 Login Page screenshot

Login page template based on Bootstrap 5

M.css screenshot



A no-nonsense, no-JavaScript CSS framework, site and documentation theme for content-oriented websites

Gentelella Rtl screenshot

Free RTL Bootstrap 3 Admin Template

React Portfolio screenshot

React Portfolio made with love ❤ from India

Simply Docs screenshot

A simple, fast, free & easy to use static based plain HTML template. That allows you to make a beautiful personal / blog or technical documentation website really quickly.

Gulp Boilerplate screenshot

A simple boilerplate for front-end web development - using Gulp v4

Simple Pdf Generator screenshot

Generator of PDF files from HTML templates using TS decorators

Cleandocs Template screenshot

A documentation template built using HTML, Tailwindcss, and Javascript

Landing Page Animation screenshot

Landing page animation made using CSS

Coming Soon Web Page screenshot

Coming Soon Web Page Template

Web Development screenshot

Here you will find different web development mini projects which are made up of HTML, CSS & little bit of JavaScript. Do you have any such small project which is not already in the List!? 😄

Jekyll Course Website Template screenshot

Feature-rich and easy-to-use Jekyll website template for academic courses

default image

Dev documentation template (one file)

Jekyll Multiverse Template screenshot

HTML5UP's Multiverse theme for Jekyll

Php Microsite Boilerplate screenshot

An extremely simple and lightweight PHP framework/boilerplate to spin-up microsites at high speed. Optimized for Performance, Security, SEO, TailwindCSS, and Directus CMS.

Boss Lite screenshot

Boss Lite - React Redux Material Admin Template

BigDataView screenshot


Tony screenshot



An Elegant WordPress Theme Powered by :v:Vue.js 2

IDocs screenshot



iDocs is one page documentation html template which helps you to create your offline and online documentation for your themes, templates, plugins and software.

default image

100 simple & elegant HTML templates 💯

MinimalPortfolioTemplate screenshot

A Minimal Perosnal Portfolio Template

Static Site Boilerplate screenshot

A better workflow for building modern static websites.

Vite Plugin Virtual Mpa screenshot

Out-of-box MPA plugin for Vite, generate multiple entries using only one template.

React Frontend Dev Portfolio screenshot

Easy to adapt and deploy React portfolio inspired with solutions found at GitHub.

Coreui Free Vue Admin Template screenshot

Open source admin template based on Bootstrap 5 and Vue 3

Coreui Free React Admin Template screenshot

CoreUI React is a free React admin template based on Bootstrap 5

Portfolio Html screenshot

🌍 Open source portfolio template built with plain Html, CSS and JavaScript for developers to create their portfolio website

Gentelella screenshot

Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

Dash UI screenshot

Bootstrap 5 Admin & Dashboard Template - Dash-UI. Dash UI Kit is a free and open-source components and templates kit fully coded with Bootstrap 5.

Star Admin2 Free Admin Template screenshot

Star-Admin-2- Free-Bootstrap-Admin-Template

Corona Free Dark Bootstrap Admin Template screenshot

Free dark admin template based on Bootstrap 4.

Responsive Sales Dashboard screenshot

A responsive sales dashboard built using HTML 5, CSS 3, and JavaScript. Charts were built using ApexCharts 3.

Responsive Admin Dashboard screenshot

A responsive admin dashboard built using HTML 5, CSS 3, and JavaScript. Charts were built using ApexCharts 3.

Data Template screenshot

Lightweight and minimal dom template and ajax helpers

MasterPortfolio screenshot

🔥 The Complete Customizable Software Developer Portfolio Template which lets you showcase your work and provides each and every detail about you as Software Developer.

Galada screenshot



Galada is an easy and simple blog theme for Jekyll.

Interactive Portfolio screenshot

A clean, beautiful and responsive portfolio templete with using only HTML and css. Later on add some javascript for animation and designing.

Adminkit screenshot

AdminKit is a free & open-source HTML dashboard & admin template based on Bootstrap 5

Hackathon Website Template screenshot

A cool website template for your upcoming hackathon.

Elementary screenshot

Minimal Jekyll theme optimized for performance, accessibility, usability and readability.