Html UI Kits & Component Libraries

Adminkit screenshot

AdminKit is a free & open-source HTML dashboard & admin template based on Bootstrap 5

Metro UI CSS screenshot

Impressive component library for expressive web development! Build responsive projects on the web with the first front-end component library in Metro Style. And now there are even more opportunities every day!

Xy Ui screenshot

Xy Ui


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Media Chrome screenshot

Custom elements (web components) for making audio and video player controls that look great in your website or app.

Gomponents screenshot

View components in pure Go, that render to HTML 5.

Smart Webcomponents screenshot

Web Components & Custom Elements for Professional Web Applications

KickstartDS screenshot

kickstartDS mono-repository, containing all packages but config related ones and the content component module

Pure CSS3 Animated Border screenshot

Pure CSS3 animated border for all html element.

JComponent screenshot

UI library for creating reusable UI components and SPA

Solid Design System screenshot

A design system for web development with Bootstrap 4, inspired by material design.

Html Bootstrap Components screenshot

Free Bootstrap html UI Components - built to create landing pages and websites. Easyfrontend UI components are free and open-source. show your support and love, don't forget to give us a star 🌟